Doctor Gail L. Arnott, MD, MBChB, DFFP, LMCC.

I received my medical training at Glasgow University and subsequently family practice training in Scotland. I have been a Family Practitioner for 30 years with Women’s Health issues playing a major part of my remit. I emigrated with my family to Abbotsford in 2002 and have continued my practice in these areas. I am licensed to practice medicine in Canada.

I was fully trained in aesthetic procedures at a registered specialist medical clinic in Vancouver and have been providing this service in Abbotsford for several years. I specialize in Botox and Filler injection therapy.

Dr. Elizabeth J. Watt, BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP, NCMP (NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner)

When providing services, Dr. Watt’s focus remains obtaining optimal cosmetic result for clients seeking natural yet refined aesthetic enhancement.

She performs ALL of her Botox® treatments, Dermal filler treatments and injections herself to ensure a consistently professional treatment and result.

By using only the most advanced techniques, finest products, meticulous attention to detail and dedication to the artistic qualities of cosmetic medicine,

Dr. Watt seeks to work with her clients to achieve a beautiful and realistic outcome.

Victoria Holmes - Esthetician

Victoria prides herself as an expert on patient customer service and is very passionate about skin care.

Victoria Holmes is a registered cosmetologist in the Province of B.C. She completed her training and certification at the Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver and has been practicing as a skin care specialist for 12 years.

Victoria provides clients with detailed skin care analysis to offer them the best possible care and treatment options.

When I am not at work I enjoy being a mother and wife and am very fortunate to have a great balance with the two.

Her Attributes

The most enjoyable part of working at face beautiful cosmedic for her is working with clients of all ages. She dedicates herself to always doing what’s best for each client for a significant, positive change in their skin.

My passion for making people feel good and look great makes my job fun and fulfilling everyday. I come to work I take pride in each treatment I perform and by establishing personal trust and attention for my clients needs and requests.

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