Before and after cheek filler: What to expect

Changing your face structure has never been easier. With the desire to look good from every angle, face adjustments are on the rise. For many that are not fond of surgery, fillers are a great non-invasive treatment. Fillers are often looked at as lunchtime quick fix for sunken cheeks and pronounced smile lines. While many frown upon the mentioning of injectable, we are here to answer your doubts.

What are cheek fillers?

Anatomically speaking, fillers inserted anywhere from under the eye socket to the smile lines are cheek fillers. Fillers are substances injected under the skin in your preferred area.

Why get cheek fillers?

Your face can be asymmetrical and making you unhappy, but now there is a simple way to fix it. You can achieve more dimension, a rejuvenating curve, and strong contour everyday-without makeup! Cheek fillers are for those tired of heavy contouring their faces. There is nothing wrong with wanting more structure and facial volume.

Neck Lines

Neck lines are simply creases that develop over time and can be quickly removed with the use of filler. By adding volume the skin is stretched more fully which gives a youthful and smooth look.

Do your research

Choose a qualified professional. Nowadays with filer demand on the constant rise, you can get fillers injected at anyplace. Even hair salons and dentist offices. Look for a qualified specialist and analyze their style of work. Visit their office, pay attention to cleanliness and sterilization. Don’t cheap out on this treatment!


Ten to seven days before your appointment don’t take blood thinners. Multivitamins and anti-inflammatories can cause major bruising. Avoid alcohol and caffeine in any form, at least 24hours before injection. This will help reduce the swelling afterward. Go with a clean face, makeup-free, and plan to rest after the procedure.

Types of fillers

The number of different fillers offered on the market can be overwhelming. Depending on your desired area, your injector will suggest the best product and size. Hyaluronic acid fillers are most common, absorbent and hold good shape after injection. They get resorbed with time and can get dissolved if you are not happy with the result. They break down without leaving residue in your body.

Are fillers painful?

Fillers are not painful. Before injection, your specialist will numb the skin. You don’t feel the needle piercing your skin. But you will feel the filler going under the skin. Some describe it as concrete going into your face. Sculpting your cheeks with fillers is done by using a long blunt-tipped needle under the skin- a cannula. You can feel slight discomfort, like when you get your blood taken.


There is a fine line between a natural face enhancement and looking like you had a job done. Listen to the professional about the size of filler you need. You can always top it up, don’t go all out to avoid looking overdone. Less is more!

Lasting effect

The average longevity of hyaluronic acid fillers is between six to fourteen months. It depends on the type and quality of the product used, but also of the patient's routine. If you are young and athletic, the filer will break down quicker, than on someone opposite.


The whole procedure lasts for half an hour. After that, you get two ice packs on each cheek to reduce swelling. You will flush as a result of the needles poking your face. For the next two days, you need to avoid any pressure on your face, makeup, facials, and exercise, to avoid bruising. And don’t get disappointed if no one notices your change in appearance right away. We see our faces from a different perspective.

Acknowledge the risk

Choosing the right aesthetician is crucial in avoiding complications. A good practitioner will look at your face as a whole and work out how much filler and where exactly you need it. Cheek fillers are safe in general, with the most common risks being misplacements. A good practitioner is aware of the many blood vessels in the area. Hitting or inserting product in a blood vessel can cause scarring, disfigurement and even blindness.

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