5 Fall Skin Care Tips

Your skin is the largest organ that you possess and also the most exposed to the elements so we’ve come up with these fall skincare tips to help you protect it. Your skin health depends on a number of factors including genetics, lifestyle, diet and of course your skincare routine. A routine is anything that you do in a consistent and repeated fashion and if you aren’t do anything to take care of your skin, that means this is what your skincare routine is neglect. What you want to do is be as proactive as you can and in this way develop habits and rituals that will not only help your skin be at its best but also help you feel the same way on the inside too.


When it comes to nourishing your skin you can do that in a number of different ways. Some sunlight is required for healthy absorption of vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin D. Too much sunlight, of course, is not good for you but do ensure daily exposure to sunlight even if while wearing sunscreen so that you meet the required sunlight needs of your skin.

2. Diet

Not only do you need to nourish your skin from the outside but you also need to do the same from the inside as well. Vitamins such as vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin E are all essential for healthy glowing skin. To get vitamin C try foods such as oranges and dark green leafy vegetables. For beta carotene, you can eat foods such as apricots and carrots. For vitamin E, eat foods like wheat germ, nuts, seeds and avocado. Nuts, avocado, and seeds are also high in linoleic acid which is also good for healthy skin. Last but not least drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

3. Moisturizing

It is always a good idea to use moisturizer but even more so when it is dry outside and fall is known to be not only cooler but sometimes windier too. You will want to use a thicker moisturizer than the one you use in the spring and summer to counteract the lack of moisture in the air. Do find a good quality brand that will not clog your pores or cause irritations.

4. Lip Balm

Your lips are part of your skin and your lip care in the fall should include regular moisturizing too. You can use an oil such as jojoba or almond oil which not only smell good but have a nice taste or you can use a lip balm. Lip balms can include spf, vitamins and an assortment of natural ingredients. You can even make your own lip balm in as little as 5 minutes with beeswax, coconut oil and a few drops of essential oils such as peppermint. If you are making your own lip balm and want to add color then you can melt into your beeswax and coconut oil any old lipsticks that you may have in your home.

5. Humidifier

If you feel like your skin is more dry than usual then another method to add moisture is to use a humidifier. A humidifier will add humidity and moisture to the air which will then in return give your skin more opportunity to retain its own moisture. For an exceptionally pleasing experience try adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils to the humidifier water and breath in and smell the goodness while your skin thanks you.

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