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WE DO care about your health

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WE DO care about your health

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Cosmedic Services

Botox Treatment

Botox Treatments result in dramatic improvements in expression-related wrinkles around the eye, brow, forehead and mouth area.

Medical Facials

After analysis of your skin’s specific needs, processes involved in a deep vapor cleanse, but also includes a face and décolletage massage.

Non- Chemical  Peels

The peel solutions used at Face beautiful are the most technically researched, results-oriented formulations available today.

Facial Rejuvenation

A unique facial rejuvenation option that produces dramatic results, Laser Skin Tightening effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Injectable Filler Treatment

For plump, symmetrical lips using the newest and most effective injectable agents available, results are seen immediately.

Laser Hair Removal

FB spa offers the latest and most effective technology and treatments to remove unwanted hair growth safely and permanently.

Latisse by Allergen

Latisse is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for inadequate eyelashes, growing them longer and fuller.

Lips and Eyes

As we age, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner and signs of aging appear as wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness.

Skin Pigmented Lesions

The appearance of skin that are darker then the surrounding skin color is called hyper pigmentation FB offers the most effective treatment program.

Skin Rosacae

Face Beautiful Comedic offers the most effective treatment program for the fading or removal of both redness and spider veins.

Face Beautiful Specialists

Will review pervious and current skin care, perform a skin analysis, and discuss general health before recommending a treatment program.